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The Blog Life

Greener On Our Side is GreenFields’ blog. Short for “weblog,” a blog was initially an online journal of sorts written by private individuals on mini-sites of their own. Today, blogs have broader audiences, heighten search engine optimization and, at their best, inform, inspire, and engage their readers. But enough about blogs. Let’s talk about the blog life.
What? The life of a blogger? No. The life that bloggers write about, and on this platform, the life of people in today’s retirement communities. Why would anyone blog about that, you ask? Well, if you’re not aware of the enormous changes in senior living over the past decade or so, you’d probably be knocked over by a feather if you walked into a community like GreenFields of Geneva, for one.

For starters, today’s best senior communities look more like vacation resorts. They are typically built on large stretches of land surrounded by trees, gardens, walking paths, bodies of water, and in the case of GreenFields, neighboring golf courses.

Inside, they feature large, open spaces with generous natural light, comfortable, attractive furnishings and the chicest décor. Pools, spas, fitness centers, at-your-fingertips services and amenities are state-of-the-art and akin to those of the luxury retreats you see in your dreams.

And, oh, the dining. So far beyond three squares a day in a cafeteria hall, modern senior communities offer savory, nutritious fare created by talented chefs with taste, innovation, presentation and freshness in mind. Residents dine, nosh and imbibe at a choice of upscale restaurants, trendy bar areas, cafes and atmospheric eateries that rival the best in dining out. But more than beautiful physical surroundings and fabulous dining experiences, senior living today is about quality of life , a culture of holistic health and wellness that considers every aspect of well-being: physical, social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, even technological.

Residents at GreenFields recently made the news when they got an eyeful of the fun and humor in taking selfies, just one of the many ways they are embracing newer technology and having a blast along the way. They’ve also seen the world and its creatures live, up-close and virtually personal via Skype and Zoom through the innovative eWOW program.

And for the recent 50th anniversary of Woodstock, residents took a trip down memory lane to revisit the epic music festival.

Today’s senior communities bring together the best of life in one welcoming space. Loneliness and isolation are replaced with vital activity and social connection; taxing chores and household responsibilities become distant memories; worry about changes in health is alleviated because Life Plan Communities like GreenFields offer a continuum of care. One might say that residents in senior communities are living the blog life – the one that inspires, the one that encourages, the one worth writing about.

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