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Rehabilitation In Geneva, IL

Heal and Rejuvenate

Navigating life's ebbs and flows requires resilience, and an occasional helping hand. At GreenFields of Geneva, you’ll find compassionate care to aid your recovery from surgery, illness, or other health challenges. Our experts at the Briarwood Healthcare Center can help you regain your strength and get back to the life you love.

Challenges are gifts that force us to search for a new center of gravity. Don't fight them. Just find a new way to stand.

- Oprah Winfrey, Talk Show Host and Media Proprietor

Rehabilitation Services

Rediscover Your Rhythm

Ready to get back to the activities you love? The trusted team at Briarwood Healthcare Center collaborates with your doctors to get you there with swift recovery plans for surgery, illness, or injury. We're the preferred choice in the region, and our center delivers specialized rehabilitation therapies by expert practitioners, ensuring personalized care. We focus on a fast and effective return to daily life.

At Your Service

  • Personalized rehabilitation plans coordinated with physicians

  • Private rooms and full baths for extra comfort

  • Spacious, modern rehabilitation clinic

  • Comprehensive suite of therapies: physical, occupational, speech, cardiac, respiratory and pulmonary, vestibular, and neurological

  • Expert therapists trained in the latest interventions

  • One-on-one care aimed at achieving maximum function

  • Regular assessments by a physiatrist specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation

  • Customized treatment adjustments based on progress

  • Esteemed nurses and nurse practitioners delivering expert care on-site

  • Access to on-site social work and dietary guidance

  • Wellness-focused activities and programs

  • Laundry and housekeeping services to ensure your comfort

  • Professional salon and barber services so you can continue looking and feeling your best

Our family was shocked when we told them ... We said, ‘We're doing this for you because if one of us has a problem, there's going to be six of you trying to decide where are we going to go, what are we going to do.

- Barb Krage, GreenFields of Geneva Resident

Common Questions About Rehabilitation

At GreenFields, our expert team tailors a therapy regimen that's uniquely yours, meticulously designed to align with your personal health requirements, your doctor's guidance, and the specialized knowledge of our therapists. We stand committed to supporting you at each phase, guaranteeing the highest standard of care on your journey to wellness.

While they both focus on enhancing your physical abilities, occupational therapy specifically hones in on equipping you with the skills necessary for everyday activities. Through modifications in surroundings and the use of adaptive strategies and devices, the goal is to foster your autonomy in daily life.

We meticulously prepare a personalized strategy for you, equipping you with the essential resources and support to continue thriving at home.

Absolutely not! Briarwood Healthcare Center’s rehab services are available to GreenFields residents and those outside the community.

Independent Living

Explore a World of Possibilities

Envision a lifestyle brimming with enthusiasm and camaraderie, where each day offers a fresh adventure alongside kindred spirits. At GreenFields, our independent living isn't just about finding a place to live—it's about flourishing in a community rich with friendship and zestful endeavors. Are you prepared to be a part of this dynamic experience?

Live Fully