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Experience Community Life

What does community mean to you? Perhaps it's that reassuring embrace of safety and belonging. For many, it’s the luxury of convenience and unwavering support, knowing that every need is within reach. At GreenFields of Geneva, we redefine community, offering an experience that goes beyond expectations, inviting you to live a life more enriching than you ever dreamed.

I've been impressed all along ... I can't get over the personalities of so many people—so many kind people. And, everybody's there to help the next person. It's just such a caring community.

- Sharon Andrlik, GreenFields of Geneva Resident

Independent Living Activities

Find Joy in Every Moment

There’s a feeling in the air here at GreenFields. You can sense it in the friendly conversations coming from the Blackberry Bistro, the tranquility on the shore of the fishing pond, and in the energy of special events held throughout the year. This place is special. Around every corner is a new opportunity to meet people and try new things.

See On-Site Activities

Retirement Home Connections

Build Bonds That Last

At GreenFields, connections bloom like flowers in the resident garden plots. Whether you’re looking for a fourth for a round of golf, taking a stroll on part of our 17-miles of walking trails, or taking part in a community service project, you’ll find kindred spirits who can enrich your life.

Take a yoga class with a neighbor, grab a meal with Lifelong Learners classmates, or take part in a book club discussion. There’s no limit to what you can do with your time when you have the freedom to plan every minute of your day as you see fit.

Find Your People

GreenFields Parallax

My advice would be to get involved. Meet as many people as possible. You develop a lot of new friends rather rapidly, and that becomes a family. The family atmosphere was a surprise and an exceptional feeling.

- Ron Ekstrom, GreenFields of Geneva Resident

Senior Living Residences

Where Comfort and Convenience Meet

Comfort and convenience come together at GreenFields to give you a senior living experience like you never thought possible. Relish the joys of life and leave the stresses of everyday chores and home management behind. Wake up each morning feeling like you’re on holiday with resort-style accommodations and luxury. Best of all, this is one vacation that never has to end.

Find Your New Paradise