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Concierge Senior Living for You

How would you spend additional “you” time? Stop wondering and start living it. Personalized senior concierge services at GreenFields of Geneva free up your time and give you extra support to craft daily life as you see fit with less stress and hassle.

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I wish I had not spent my hours worrying over another nickel for the carousel, but instead running barefoot through the fields of yellow bonnets.

- Lisa Wingatem, Author

Senior Concierge Services Overview

Your Personal Support System

Your comfort. Your preferences. Your schedule. Our devoted team is here to make every day as easy as possible. From managing your calendar or medicines to companionship at mealtime to household chores and other routines, we support you.

Choose a customized package or handpick a la carte services—whatever works best for you. Whether it's 15 minutes of your day or 24-hour support, we can accommodate your needs to your liking.

Daily Life and Companionship Services

Our dedicated team goes above and beyond to add joy and ease to your days. From managing daily chores like laundry and cooking to joining you for a delightful meal or a spirited card game, we're here to make each moment memorable. Whether you need a companion for an activity, assistance with your errands, or someone to share in the simple pleasure of a sunlit dog walk, rest assured you’ll always have a helpful friend close by.

Health Advocacy

Never navigate your health and wellness alone. Our senior care coordinator is by your side at GreenFields to simplify the intricacies of your healthcare plans. We're here to organize, manage, and attend healthcare appointments with you, ensuring your voice is heard by providers and loved ones alike. We’ll also offer unwavering support during difficult times, such as life transitions, illnesses, or extended hospital stays. We’re here to make sure you never face these challenging times alone.

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Personalized Care at Home

Your home is more than just a residence — it’s your space for comfort and peace. Our dedicated nursing care coordinators are here to ensure you can cherish every moment at home for as long as you safely can. Experience attentive nursing care services without traveling outside of the community, from medication routines to treatments and therapy. Your well-being is our highest priority.

If you want a place where you can have peace of mind, that you can be healthy, your kids will be happy, that they don't have to worry about you, come to GreenFields.

- Lydia Marcelo, GreenFields of Geneva Resident


Rediscover the Comfort of Home

When you’re on the road to recovery, you shouldn’t have to focus on anything but getting better. At GreenFields, we’ll make sure your transition back to familiar surroundings is as seamless as possible with freshly laundered sheets, a restocked kitchen, or anything else you need to ease your mind. We can also help transport your belongings or schedule any follow-up doctor appointments you may require. Additional nursing services are also available following your discharge.

Senior Care Coordination

Get the Help You Need

Should you or a loved one ever need enhanced or specialized care, GreenFields stands ready. In our welcoming community, you’ll always feel the warm embrace of upscale ambiance, and your every care need is met with understanding and grace to ensure your tomorrows are just as vibrant as today.

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Secure Your Future

The path through life is filled with unexpected twists and turns, but with GreenFields by your side, you can prepare for whatever lies ahead. Discover how our Life Care approach provides financial clarity and the peace of mind you deserve—for every step of your journey.

Discover a More Secure Future