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Senior Friendships

Grow Your Inner Circle

Imagine yourself surrounded by friendly peers in a similar stage of life. Together, you’re invited to ample activities and event options. This is life at GreenFields of Geneva, and there’s no better place to grow your social circle than here.

Senior Friendships

Find Your People

A special kind of warmth comes from connecting with kindred spirits. It's a reminder that as our life unfolds, the bonds we create can make our days more meaningful. GreenFields opens doors to new adventures, opportunities to share your interests and genuine friendships. There's always a friendly face to say hello here.

Our first day, our first dinner here, we just mingled with people, and they were very friendly. People here are really very welcoming … I didn't have any problem meeting other people!

- Lydia Marcelo, GreenFields of Geneva Resident

Senior Clubs And Classes

Share Your Passions

The CDC notes that loneliness can affect our health and longevity. Unfortunately, more than one-third of adults experience some form of loneliness, especially as they age. Life at GreenFields offers the best remedy for these feelings of isolation with group aerobics classes, golf outings, and much more.

While countless opportunities exist to join social clubs, take educational classes, or enjoy local performances, you're never limited to the events already on the calendar. At GreenFields, it's easy to start your own social club to find and connect with others who share similar interests.

Dining Venues

Make Every Moment Count

A meal is about more than just food. It can be a celebration of connections, a chance to laugh together, and an opportunity to share your stories. A shared table brings people together, and as you dine with friends and neighbors, you’ll quickly discover the warmth of conversation and the joy of togetherness that lingers long after the dessert plates have been cleared. Every meal at GreenFields is a chance to create a new cherished memory.

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Community Activities

Rediscover the Joy of Play

Many adults look back fondly on the days of childhood when carefree play was all that mattered. At GreenFields, you’ll have a chance to rediscover the magic of your early years but with the added wisdom from a life well-lived.

Play a board game just for fun, play a round of complimentary golf at a nearby course, or visit downtown Geneva with friends and neighbors. While you're out living life to the fullest, our housekeeping team can spruce up your apartment, our concierge can schedule your appointments, and the dining team will get dinner ready. This is resort-style living at its finest!

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Things To Do

Explore New Places Together

A solo journey can be fun, but adventures together are where real memories are made. Whether exploring the Windy City, setting sail on a riverboat cruise, or sampling fine wines at the Geneva Wine Cellars, your best stories are still waiting to be written. Uncover the world’s wonders with friends, familiar and new.

Go Exploring