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Independent Senior Living Activities

Pursue Your Passions

What drives you? Often, a passion for something more significant than oneself ignites a sense of purpose within. Yet, life's obligations and changing circumstances can sometimes push that purpose aside.

At GreenFields, we invite you to rekindle the flame of your passions, rediscover your purpose, and truly thrive. In our supportive and vibrant community, now is the perfect moment to embrace the life you’ve dreamed of, immersing yourself in pursuits that bring joy, fulfillment, and a renewed sense of meaning.

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Unleash Your Potential Every Day

Discover a life free from the constraints of daily chores and experience the priceless gift of limitless freedom. Each day is a blank canvas of endless opportunities waiting for you to create the perfect masterpiece.

Imagine starting the morning with a refreshing swim, tending to your cherished garden in the afternoon, or breaking a sweat in our fitness center. As the sun begins its descent, take your furry friend to the dog park or walk on our beautiful trails through the community. The evening beckons with laughter and camaraderie over cocktails in the lounge or a thoughtful book club session in the library.

In a place where every moment invites you to embrace your passions, the journey is as exhilarating as the destination.

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Senior Living Social Clubs

Discover Your Community

Immerse yourself in a vibrant community with dynamic social clubs, fitness classes, and special events. No matter what you do for fun, you'll find other like-minded people to share your excitement with. If your passion is unique, start your own group to spark connections with others who share your enthusiasm and zest for life. At GreenFields of Geneva, we want to help you celebrate your interests!

It's just a world of happy people, contented people, and people who are eager to be your friend!

- Sharon Andrlik, GreenFields of Geneva Resident

More Senior Living Activities

What Sparks Your Interest?

  • Savor a meal at the Blackberry Bistro and Savanna Restaurant

  • Experience an invigorating workout at the fully equipped wellness center

  • Unleash your creativity in our arts studio

  • Treat yourself to professional pampering in the beauty salon

  • Cast a line at the on-site fishing pond

  • Cultivate your green thumb in our resident garden beds

  • Explore your interests in a Lifelong Learning program

  • Join other residents for special events and group trips

  • And more!

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