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Discover Your Perfect Sanctuary

Home is where your heart feels at ease. But, as time goes on, our needs can evolve, leading us to seek spaces that resonate with who we are in the present.

At GreenFields of Geneva, you’ll discover an idyllic senior living community that blends purpose with pleasure, exploration with elegance, and adventure with amenity. Dive into a world of upscale accommodations, premium services, and curated comforts. Here, every day presents an opportunity to embrace life's richness in its entirety.

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A good home must be made, not bought.

- Joyce Maynard, American Novelist and Journalist

Your Place to Call Home

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Residences That Reflect Your Style

Begin each day in a living space that truly resonates with your spirit at GreenFields. Crafted to mirror your unique personality, our residences are not just homes, but reflections of your individual flair. With tailored finishes and meticulous details, it's a sanctuary where your style thrives.

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Downsizing is a very difficult task … But it worked out well. We moved in and now I'm redoing a lot of the decorating!

- Pat Ekstrom, GreenFields of Geneva Resident

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Experience Exceptional Comforts

At GreenFields, every space reflects thoughtful luxury. Begin your day with a rejuvenating stroll exploring our 26 acres of land, pausing by the serene fishing pond to watch the ducks glide across the water. Delight your palate with chef-prepared meals at the Savanna Restaurant, and explore a new topic in a Lifelong Learner class in the afternoon. As the day winds down, immerse yourself in the camaraderie of "Thirsty Thursdays" with friends, celebrating the vibrant life you've found.

Each day presents new opportunities to live a lifestyle more elegant than you ever imagined. Discover more of what makes our community vibrant and fulfilling with everything we have to offer here.

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A Place to Flourish

Nurture your passions, forge fresh connections, and set out on exciting new journeys. In the embrace of a community that understands and shares your aspirations, find out why GreenFields is where you're meant to thrive.

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