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Living With Purpose

It’s your time to rediscover what truly matters to you. To fully explore the richness of relationships. To ignite a renewed sense of purpose. To find genuine contentment in a place that allows you to live a life of luxury. This is GreenFields of Geneva, and we invite you to make this chapter of your life the best part of your story.

GreenFields Parallax

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

- Walt Disney, Animator, Film Producer, and Entrepreneur

Senior Living Wellness

Experience Your Best Life

At GreenFields, we believe in nurturing every facet of your well-being. Dive deep into a wellness journey that's thoughtfully curated just for you, harmonizing your physical, mental, and emotional needs.

Journey to Wellness


Discover Passions New and Old

Every day at GreenFields is an invitation to embrace what you love, delve into new interests, or expand your knowledge. Our vibrant community offers an expansive canvas for experiences beyond your imagination.

Explore On-Site Activities

I'm in the Book Club. I'm in Pretty Petals, which we do bouquets for the tables every week. I'm also in Lifelong Learning where we help choose the activities that are going to be presented. There are so many things!

- Pat Ekstrom, GreenFields of Geneva Resident

Senior Living Dining

Delight in Dining Experiences

Savor dishes that satisfy your hunger and enrich your spirit. At GreenFields, every meal is an invitation to connect, celebrate, and discover a world of flavors alongside friends new and familiar.

Discover Dining Experiences

Personal Services

Seize Each Day

The story of your life is ever-unfolding, and with each new day comes opportunities to write the next great chapter. Our helpful team at GreenFields is here to ensure your life is as effortless and satisfying as possible so you can focus on the parts of your story that are most important to you.

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