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Our “Picture Perfect” Adventure Makes News!

Move over Millennials. GreenFields seniors are now officially members of the ‘Selfie” generation. And reporter Erin Ivory of WGN-TV was there to capture the moment, which was later broadcast on the WGN Evening News.

The “picture-perfect” event took place at the ClubPhotoBooth Selfie Studio in nearby Bloomingdale, where our residents first took a quick lesson in “selfie-taking.”

In no time at all, they were using smartphones to snap pictures of themselves like pros – using the studio’s colorful collection of props and backdrops, including silly hats, oversized spectacles, balloons, and rainfalls of confetti.

You can see it online right here: WGN-TV – Selfie School.

Resident Donna Sharpe expressed this exciting day best: “I didn’t know what to expect,” she told Ms. Ivory, “and that’s the fun part!”

Engaging experiences like our selfie adventure are just part of our Lifelong Learning programming of events, performances, lectures, and classes which make life at GreenFields something very special.

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