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Downsizing Is More Than Just Letting Things Go

As with any significant life change, downsizing can be a stressful process. But with the right approach, the experience of decluttering can re-affirm the old adage that “Less is more.”

Many seniors look to downsize-sometimes referred to as rightsizing-with the goal of simplifying their lifestyle, reducing costs, or moving closer to their grandchildren. SeniorLiving.org suggests going through a checklist of questions before deciding to downsize. A few of those include reflecting on whether you have unused rooms in your home, are feeling isolated, or have too much stuff to manage. Seniors may benefit if they ultimately don’t have to navigate stairs, outdated bathrooms, long driveways, and more.

All that clutter can lead to additional stress, too. MoneyTalkNews notes that unneeded furniture, unused exercise equipment, and outdated electronics get in the way and make it harder to find household items. The goal of downsizing is to make the home more comfortable so that more time can be spent on hobbies, recreation, travel, and relaxing.

SeniorLifestyle.com suggests getting started by making a downsizing plan. Identify days that you’ll work on downsizing, then make a list, and ask friends and relatives when they can help with the plan. When assessing what to keep and what to give away, tap into the wisdom of famed tidying expert Marie Kondo by picking up an item and asking yourself “Does this spark joy?” If the answer is “no,” set it aside and try living without the item for a while. Then decide whether to part with it.

If you are moving to a smaller space, SeniorLifestyle.com suggests spending some time in your new apartment or townhome with loved ones while visualizing what you may need. Then go back to your home and sort through what you can leave behind. Ultimately, your new home may allow you to have a few days, weeks, or more to try it out and get acclimated.

At GreenFields senior living community, we understand how important, yet stressful downsizing is. We don’t want you to let the anticipation of the process stall you from moving ahead. We are proud to offer our complimentary Wrap, Pack & Move Program . This partnership with senior moving specialists eases your transition, by overseeing every step of the downsizing and moving process. The only complaint we ever hear from residents about this program is that they wish they’d take advantage of it sooner!! Way sooner!

Additionally, GreenFields has introduced our unique Friendship Satisfaction Guarantee . If within the first six months, residents aren’t completely satisfied and decide the community is not for them , GreenFields will return your entire entrance fee. This completely removes any risk in making the move, leaving only the great opportunity to live within our engaging, vibrant community…life among friends.

As with so much in life, the key to downsizing is planning ahead but the benefits of getting started are abundant.

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