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GreenFields’ Complimentary Wrap, Pack & Move Program

GreenFields of Geneva is a premier senior living community in the Chicagoland area. Moving to GreenFields dramatically enhances the quality of a senior’s life by eliminating the cares and concerns of homeownership while enriching the opportunities for social engagement and activities, resulting in a fulfilling life among friends.

Unfortunately, moving, in general, is widely recognized as being among the most stressful events in a person’s life. Through its partnership with Honoring Aging, GreenFields minimizes the challenge of moving through its complimentary Wrap, Pack & Move Program. Honoring Aging owner Tammy Bilek has a team of dedicated senior moving specialists. They create a roadmap for the clients’ moves and then see every part of the process through to completion.

The team hits the ground running as soon as someone has decided to move to GreenFields. “We contact the client within 24 hours and then go to visit them to create their personalized transition plan. We help them to understand what the process will be for them, step-by-step,” Bilek said. This includes making referrals to various resources, providing ongoing telephone support, and developing a timeline schedule with all companies involved. “We answer questions that have maybe kept them frozen in their home. There are so many things they don’t know what to do with. We help them get ‘unstuck’ so they can enjoy the life they deserve to live in their new home.”

Among Honoring Aging’s most powerful tools is the customized floor plan developed for each client. “We go to the apartment they’ve selected and take precise measurements and measure their existing furniture. They’ll then be able to see how their things will fit in their new home,” Bilek said.

The team then helps the clients navigate the task of sorting in order to streamline their possessions. Liquidation management, Bilek said, helps determine what items to keep, give away, sell, or donate and how to do so.

Honoring Aging orchestrates the entire move. On packing day, Bilek said, her team comes to the home with bubble wrap, paper, and boxes and makes sure that every item is not only packed but accurately marked for positioning per the agreed-upon floor plan. “This ensures that we can recreate the plan when they’re in the new apartment. It takes away the stress and makes everything easy and straightforward.”

On move day, the team will meet the movers at the senior living community and get everything resettled. “We’ll unpack items exactly where they go and get the beds made and the towels hung before the resident comes back from dinner,” Bilek said, adding that they even get electronic devices set up.

GreenFields of Geneva has recognized the importance of easing the transition to their engaging senior living community and eliminating all obstacles. Working with Honoring Aging through their Wrap, Pack & Move Program, they’re doing everything they can to make sure there’s no delay in experiencing what life will be like in their new home.

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