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A Comprehensive Guide to Touring Luxury Senior Living Communities

Unlocking the exceptional benefits of community living in your retirement years revolves around aligning the community you choose with the lifestyle you already know and love. Better yet, it’s an opportunity to upgrade to a higher level of living that allows you to indulge in all the unique, fulfilling aspects that define you. One of the most effective ways to find the perfect fit is by touring potential communities in person. But what should you expect when you schedule a tour? Use this guide to help you prepare for and make the most of your tour experiences so you feel confident choosing a luxury senior living community that truly enhances your lifestyle. 

Preparing for Your Tour

Tour preparation doesn’t have to be extensive or exhaustive, but having a general idea of preferences and what information you need to know to feel comfortable moving forward with a community will help you make the most of your tour time. 

Research in Advance

Utilize the community’s website to learn more about what to expect, and peruse online reviews of places you are considering. This proactive approach allows you to develop a well-rounded perspective before touring. While your tour guide will highlight all the benefits of the community, understanding the experiences of past or present residents can help you weigh the good against the bad. 

Define Priorities

In terms of amenities, services, apartment layouts, and available care options, establish what is negotiable and what is a must-have for you to feel comfortable calling a community home. For some, having activities available without leaving the community is paramount to the decision. For others, it’s the apartment space or the dining options that have the biggest impact. 

During your tour, ensure your list of priorities is clear, and ask specific questions to ascertain if the community can truly satisfy your needs. 

If you are unsure how to identify your top priorities, consider the following: 

  • Do you have dietary restrictions? 
  • Are there any budgetary concerns? 
  • What level of security are you seeking?
  • How much support do you want available? 
  • Are you planning to bring a pet or would you like to have the option to have a pet in the future?
  • How involved do you want the community to be in your life, or how involved in the community decisions do you want to be? 

These questions can help decide if a potential community truly fits your current and future needs. 

Involve Family Members

Those who know you best can be some of your most valuable allies in the touring process. Bring along a family member who is aligned with your goals and can probe further with the community representative. Additionally, loved ones can offer a grounded perspective, serving as a touchpoint for conversation after the tour. 

Exploring Amenities

When touring luxury senior living communities, you expect luxury amenities. You’re looking for resort-style services, high-quality common areas, and an enriching, vibrant environment that matches your joie de vivre. Use these tips to assess the amenities during and after your scheduled tour.

Record Details of The Tour

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget or romanticize the details of what you saw during your tour. Consider bringing a notebook or using your smartphone to take notes, photos, or videos. This documentation can help you reflect on the available amenities after the tour and see where things truly stack up. If a loved one accompanies you on the tour, task them with capturing photos and videos so you can remain focused on the tour itself. 

Observe the Common Areas

The common areas of a community are some of the most highly used, so noting their condition, layout, decor, and available services or self-serve options can tell you a lot about how the community is really managed and cared for. 

Assess Available Care Plans

A comprehensive exploration of community life includes understanding the full spectrum of available care options. Having all your current and potential future needs, including healthcare, accounted for is exactly the peace of mind you should expect from a luxury senior living community. Prepare questions about available care services ahead of time to ensure you receive the information you’re looking for. For example, Greenfields is a Life Care community, where residents can invest upfront for priority access to greater levels of care in the future if the need arises. This approach provides peace of mind regarding both current and potential future needs.

Study Model Living Spaces

Even the most social butterfly needs a place that feels good to call home at the end of the day. Touring the living spaces and carefully examining the layout and available space is a critical piece of the puzzle. Ask questions about provided appliances, how similar the model living space is to what you will move into, and how maintenance and housekeeping are handled. 

Many luxury senior living communities offer the freedom to furnish and decorate your living space according to your preferences and taste, but be sure to clarify any restrictions to decorating policies. Knowing what you can’t do can be as important as knowing what you can. 

Before concluding your tour, inquire about moving assistance and whether help is available for move-in day, should you require or desire it. 

Evaluate Dining Experience

As mentioned, the dining experience can significantly influence your feelings toward a community. While many amenities can be outsourced, your dining experience is pivotal. Cherished memories are often made around the dinner table, whether you’re hosting friends or family, joining others at available on-site dining venues, or treating yourself to a solo culinary experience. It helps to know that as much intention is being put into the food you’re provided as you put into the life you have created. 

In order to assess the available dining options, request to dine at the on-site dining options before leaving the community for the day. Sampling the food for yourself is the best way to test the waters of available cuisine. This is also a good time to request information about dietary accommodations. 

Explore More Luxury at Greenfields of Geneva

Over the years, you have cultivated a lifestyle you love, and exploring independent living communities doesn’t imply giving up even an ounce of that lifestyle. On the contrary, the right community can enhance and build upon it. If you’re ready to explore the exciting world of luxury senior living, schedule a tour at Greenfields of Geneva today. Your next adventure awaits.

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