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In Golf, Socializing and Exercise are Par for the Course

A round of golf conjures up images of quiet summer mornings and the camaraderie of friends and playing partners. It’s navigating the course layout and hazards of sand, water, and the rough. Golfing has many benefits for older adults. According to CNN.com , golf encourages skills such as discipline, self-acceptance, and patience. Golf’s a game of finesse and skill rather than strength and force.

Golf’s benefits stretch far past the joys of sinking a long putt or a drive to the middle of the fairway: there are social and physical benefits, too, which are particularly important for people during their retirement. Another CNN report states that regular golf reduces the risk of heart attack and cardiovascular disease. It also leads to longer lives. Researchers have found that golfers have an 8 percent lower death rate than non-golfers.

GreenFields includes golf as part of its Gems of Geneva initiative. That includes partnerships with Geneva’s own Tanna Farms Golf Club and Mill Creek Golf Club, meticulously maintained 18-hole courses known for their challenging holes and scenic beauty. GreenFields is paying the fees for its residents, allowing them to golf free at these courses on Mondays and Tuesdays all summer. We’ve written before about partnerships that also increase fitness, too, with Delnor Health.

Golf encourages social opportunities that result in the many benefits of making new friends. Experts highlight the social benefits of playing golf , noting that it’s a sport that allows participants to talk while playing. Golf encourages men and women to play together, and throughout a round other worries and concerns may simply disappear. “Mental health is a big thing in this day and age, and moderate physical activity is associated with a reduction in anxiety and a reduction in depression,” says one study author and golf professional.

Getting in the swing with golf can be a retirement highlight for many seniors. Not everyone has to play like Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods to enjoy this lifelong pastime.

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