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There’s Always Room for More Friends

There’s Always Room for More Friends It’s true. There’s always room for more friends, because friends make life better. Not only is this true emotionally, but it’s actually the case physically as well.

Studies have indicated that the greatest amount of human happiness comes from meaningful relationships with others. Friends matter to people and their health. Friends boost self-confidence, self-worth, and purposefulness, not to mention laughter. Where there are good friends, there’s also bound to be good laughs. And, on the flip side, good friends also help make difficult times easier to manage.

Physically, friendships are known to boost immunity, reduce stress, and help the brain release mood-enhancing hormones. Good friends are also known to support and encourage healthy habits and activities such as eating well and exercising.

At GreenFields, encouraging meaningful contact with others is our top priority. Our name says it all. The mission of Friendship Senior Options, which oversees Friendship Village, is to keep friendship at the center of everything we do. We offer exceptional services to seniors along life’s journey, and we understand how critical it is for residents to have friends and bond with one another in shared experiences. That’s why we offer engaging activities and outings each day and consciously facilitate the social connections that all people need, at their own speed, whether they’re a little shy or the first to join in.

Friendship is always important, and this has especially been the case during COVID. While seniors everywhere have been isolated and lonely, GreenFields consistently shines. We have kept residents busy and engaged through socially distanced in-person and virtual programming, regular interaction and activities, and close but safe proximity to friends. There’s always room for more friends.

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