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A Glass a Day…

A glass of wine a day may be a counterpoint to the old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” In recent decades, researchers have found that wine drinkers reduced their risk of premature death by almost one-third. While being mindful of responsible consumption, wine drinkers had far less mortality from cardiovascular disease and cancer, too. The good news about wine dates to several studies that were published in 2000.

WebMD reports that wine dilates arteries and increases blood flow, lowering the risk of clots. It also boosts levels of HDL “good” cholesterol and strengthens the lining of arteries. An organic compound in wine, phenol, tends to slow the growth of cancer cells, too.

It’s not all fun and games, though. This resource from the University of Rochester Medical Center underscores the need for moderate consumption. Alcohol remains in older adults’ bloodstreams longer, meaning more sensitivity to its effects. It can exacerbate issues with balance, hearing, and eyesight while slowing reaction times.

Still, an occasional glass is something many oenophiles among us may enjoy. This article from Wine Spectator highlights research that suggests that older, wine-drinking Americans may also be healthier because they’re more social. The study found that moderate drinkers tended to have a more active social life-and a lower rate of depression.

GreenFields residents enjoy wine during happy hours, and our special meals and events . Recently, as part of our Gems of Geneva initiative, we hosted Geneva Wine Cellars for a special wine tasting.

Wine certainly may be enjoyed away from GreenFields, too. The wine industry has grown substantially in Illinois in recent years, from 14 wineries in 1997 to more than 100 today. The State of Illinois provides a list of wineries on its website, including several that are within a short drive of GreenFields. And Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant has several area locations to enjoy its wine portfolio in an upscale, casual atmosphere.

Whether it’s chardonnay, merlot, or pinot noir, an occasional sip of wine means much more than what’s in the glass.

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