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5 Things Residents Wish They Knew Before Moving to a Senior Community

Most residents of senior living communities say that their number one regret after moving in is… that they didn’t move in sooner. Why is this? 

Here are some things residents of GreenField of Geneva, a senior living community in Geneva, IL wish they had known before they made the move to community living. 

1. Everything You Need Is Just a Few Steps Away

The convenience of living in a senior community is another thing many residents didn’t realize would be so appreciated until after the move. You have access to all the services you need as well as all the well-appointed amenities you desire, right outside your door. 

Spending a day at the spa, working on your fitness with a class of fellow enthusiasts or with a personal trainer, and enriching your life with time dedicated to your favorite hobbies can all be done without leaving the campus. 

Examples of common services and amenities include:

  • Events, trips, and group outings
  • Wellness programming 
  • A full library 
  • Salon and barbershop  

2. You’ll Wish You Moved Here Years Ago!

Why do so many residents wish they had made the move sooner? It often comes down to enhanced peace of mind, opportunities for social connection, and incredible convenience.  

“When my friends come here, I tell them, ‘If you want a place where you can have peace of mind, that you can be healthy, your kids will be happy, that they don’t have to worry about you? Come to Greenfields,” says Lydia, a resident of GreenFields of Geneva. 

Many residents also mention the ease of everyday living, the quality of amenities, and their new neighbors as big reasons for wishing they had moved in sooner. 

“When my husband said, ‘Barb, I’m tired. I can’t do this anymore. I think we have to move…’ my heart kind of did a flip flop,” says Barb Krage, another resident,  “I loved that house. I loved my husband. My husband won, and I won too because I really love it here. I just wasn’t ready to give up what I had, but I didn’t realize what I would get here. Our family is thrilled. They’re very happy to see us so happy.” 

An ideal senior community provides all the best comforts of home with the added benefit of being surrounded by like-minded people looking to make the most of every day. 

3. You’ll Never Run Out of Things to Do

In an independent living community with well-appointed living spaces and social-focused amenities that make every day feel like a resort vacation, running out of things to do is wonderfully difficult. 

“You can enjoy the library, the fitness room, you can go anywhere!” says resident Sharon Andrlik. You have a very big home and lots of rooms and lots of activities and so much to be a part of; things that you don’t get to take advantage of when you’re living at home. It’s all the conveniences made easy in one spot,” 

Whether you’re taking a class at the art studio, participating in a group card club, walking group, or spending time with your furry friends at the onsite dog park, there are an abundance of opportunities to make each day a new adventure. 

“There’s so many things [to do],” says resident Pat Ekstrom. “Oh, I’m in a discussion group about issues of the day. And then I try to go to quite a few of the different programs that we have. But I, I will say this, you could still live your life the way it was before. We still could do Meals on Wheels. We still could do many of the outside activities if we chose to do that along with the things we do here. You just aren’t confined to being here.”

4. Downsizing Is Easier With So Much Available

For many residents, the thought of downsizing was much less daunting after they toured the community. It became clear that many “essential” belongings were simply no longer necessary now that everything they could possibly need was a walk or a phone call away.  

Resident Pat Ekstrom says that in the end, downsizing was well worth the effort. “Downsizing is a very difficult task. Very emotional. But it worked out well. We moved in and now I’m redoing a lot of the decorating!”

Pat’s husband Ron noted that being sensitive about what you keep and leave behind isn’t always worth the emotional weight you give it. “I think it seems to be a common comment from most of the people here: that they took more than they needed and didn’t miss the things they left behind,” he says

When you have a host of services, dining options, and amenities that encourage connection and embolden you to indulge in your lifelong passions, downsizing may seem like a much more accomplishable feat. 

5. Your Social Life Can Thrive

Maintaining a social life is simple in a continuing care community. In fact, many residents note that building new friendships and fostering a thriving sense of community was almost an inevitability after moving in.  

“My advice would be to get involved, meet as many people as possible,” says Ron Ekstrom.“ And one of the surprises to me was the sociability of this group. You develop a lot of new friends rather rapidly, and that becomes a family. The family atmosphere was a surprise and an exceptional feeling.” 

From social clubs to group outings and community-wide events, there are boundless opportunities to expand and enrich your social circle at a senior living community. 

“It seems like you find people just by joining clubs that you’re interested in,” says Sharon Andrlik. “They share the same interests and it seems like people love to get involved. I enjoy the church services, and I go to the culinary corner meetings, and the fitness – that’s something I wouldn’t be doing if I were home because I wouldn’t have the opportunity to leave the house with my husband being sick. So, there’s opportunities for me to take advantage of that are right here. I wouldn’t have them otherwise.”

Find Out More About Community Living at GreenFields

In the spirit of living life without regrets, we invite you to come see the vibrant community at Greenfields of Geneva today. 

Experience the ease and comfort of everything you could need right outside your door, and envision your enriched life today. Contact us to schedule a tour.

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