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Sassy Seven Residents Help Ensure Friendship at GreenFields of Geneva Senior Living Community

Connection, friendship and support.

These are extremely important to the residents at GreenFields of Geneva, and a group of residents are not leaving it to chance. Seven residents, known as the Sassy Seven, are responsible for reaching out, fostering connections, and offering caring and support to everyone living at the senior living community.

The Sassy Seven first connected via the resident outreach program launched by Naomi Hroncich and quickly embraced by others. The outreach program, as its name suggests, makes sure that everyone is welcomed into and engaged with the community. “The program is about friendship and meeting new people. If you want friendship, it’s here for you,” Naomi said.

Through the work of the resident outreach program and the members’ shared values and commitment, their personal bonds of friendship have grown, and over time, Sassy Seven was born.

The members are Ruth Meisenheimer, Naomi Hroncich, Sharon Canter, Sally Odiorne, Vivian Hileman, Sharon Andrlik, and Susanne Ferris. They have been residents of the senior living community for between nine months and twelve years.

The women are each very involved with the activities and programs at GreenFields, including Wii bowling, knitting and crocheting prayer shawls, book club, card games, and more.

Once a week, the seven of them get together for dinner, an occasion that’s marked by lots of chatter of laughter. The atmosphere is very reflective of GreenFields’ community-wide culture, largely thanks to the role the ladies have played. “We eat together every Tuesday night,” said Susanne.

“Socialization and friendship are so important for our well-being and an integral reason why seniors should move to GreenFields. The women in the Sassy Seven can be proud of how their outreach and friendliness have inspired others and played an important role in welcoming, befriending, and supporting everyone in the community,” said Tony Madl, executive director. “All residents at GreenFields comprise an extraordinary ‘family.'”


Photo caption: The Sassy Seven at GreenFields of Geneva

Back row-l-r-Sharon Canter, Vivian Hileman, Ruth Meisenheimer

Front row-l-r-Naomi Hroncich, Sally Odiorne, Susanne Ferris, Sharon Andrlik

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