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Meeting their BFF (Best Friend Forever) at GreenFields of Geneva Senior Living Community

They’re like Thelma and Louise, Lucy and Ethel, Laverne and Shirley. They’re BFFs, finding each other living literally just across the hall.

Dee Hii, formerly of Plainfield, and Margaret Elkins, formerly of St. Charles, are residents of GreenFields of Geneva senior living community. They are delighted that they’ve formed such a warm and caring friendship at this time in their lives.

Dee, who has been at GreenFields for a year, was eager to move in. Her sister, with whom she’d lived for 27 years, had passed away, and Dee, who is outgoing, couldn’t stand living alone. “I told my daughter if she could find a senior living community closer to her, I’d be happy to move there. I needed to go somewhere with other people. I’m a people person,” she said. That trait was apparent, as, shortly after her move, she was invited to participate in GreenFields’ resident outreach program. The initiative recruits residents to help new people moving into the community feel welcome. “Naomi, the resident running the program, said, ‘You’ll be perfect. You have a great attitude, and you’re optimistic.'”

Margaret, who said she is a little bit shy, was more anxious about moving in. She did so after the deaths of her husband and son, at the encouragement of her daughter.

“I am happy to watch out for Margaret. I make her feel welcome so that she can become more comfortable,” Dee said. “I don’t push her, but I want her to know that there’s a lot offered here, and she can do anything that interests her.”

Margaret confirmed, “She has made me feel comfortable. She’s just a wonderful person. She got me involved in a lot of programs; there are so many activities day and night. If we both like the same activity, we go together.”

Both ladies report that they’re busier than they were before moving into GreenFields. Their activities include participating in spiritual life programs, Bible study, bridge, bingo, enjoying musical performances, and going on outings.

They also work out in the fitness center. “I never exercised before I came here,” said Dee. “Michael in the fitness center is so helpful.”

No one has to be alone at GreenFields. Dee said, “We’ve made lots of friends here. Everyone cares about everyone else; everyone is interested. It’s a very caring community. I am very comfortable at GreenFields and feel at home here. When I drive up, I think, ‘this is my home,’ and that makes me happy.”

“We are proud of the fact that GreenFields is a great home, for those who are outgoing and crave companionship, those who may not have a large social circle, and everyone in between,” said Tony Madl, Executive Director.

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