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Making New Residents Feel Right at Home

GreenFields of Geneva is doing everything possible to help make the move to the beautiful senior living community as easy and stress-free as possible. Its complimentary Wrap, Pack & Move Program eases the logistics of the move by orchestrating every aspect from start to finish.

Once moved into the community, the resident-run Outreach Program helps make the motto that ‘life is better among friends’ a reality. Realizing the importance of reaching out to neighbors new to the community, resident Naomi Hroncich launched the important initiative and recruited 18 volunteers to assist.

Naomi has a big heart, a passion for helping people, and the gift of being able to inspire others to do the same. She recognizes that moving to GreenFields is an excellent, life-changing transition, but she knows it’s also frightening and challenging. New residents, she said, “may not know anyone, aren’t familiar with the routines, have just experienced a significant move, and are embarking on a new kind of living.” It is likely, she said, that they will feel overwhelmed. Naomi learns about new residents moving in and matches each with a volunteer who lives within close proximity and ideally has similar interests. The volunteer acts as a buddy, friend, and mentor, showing the new resident around the community and how things work. The volunteer introduces their new neighbor to other residents, making them feel welcome, and dines with them. Many strong and fulfilling relationships are formed.

Naomi also connects with longer-term residents, having floor gatherings and welcoming staff members to come and visit with them as a group. “The employees talk about their lives as well as their roles and responsibilities. This creates a bond,” said Naomi. “It’s important not only to keep all our residents engaged but also to talk with some of the more behind-the-scenes employees who can explain who they are, as well as the important work they do.”

“I’m very proud of our efforts. I feel like we’re making a difference,” said Naomi. “I like to feel like we’re making new residents feel welcome, and we’re continuing to create community.”

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