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Being a Grandparent Isn’t Just Kidding Around

Having celebrated Grandparents Day in September, now is a great time to take a look at the many benefits of the intergenerational relationships that older adults treasure. There might just be something to the adage that being around kids will “keep you young.” So many older adults relish the experience of being with their grandchildren and all of the joy the youngsters bring to their lives. It turns out research backs up those enjoyable experiences with data, too.

The Cleveland Clinic reports that a benefit of interacting with grandchildren is increased physical activity. Chasing around the little ones is good for mobility and exercise. It also helps ease the child care burden that so many exhausted parents face. The unconditional love between grandparents and grandchildren provides meaning in the lives of the elderly and fosters lower levels of stress and depression. For kids, good relationships with grandparents result in fewer emotional and behavioral problems, too.

Autumn is a great time for an outing with grandchildren before winter sets in. Geneva is a town with something for everyone , including people of all ages. Nearby are fall attractions including Windy Acres Farm which features magic shows, pony rides, and a u-pick apple orchard. The Fox River Trail provides a variety of uses for the whole family. Or simply walk the gorgeous grounds at GreenFields and experience the natural features of its 26-acre campus.]

Older adults play several roles throughout their lives, whether as parent, breadwinner, sibling, or friend. But it may go without saying that being a grandparent is among the most satisfying-and important-roles of all.

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