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These Holidays Will Give You Reason to Celebrate Daily

As you turn the calendar page to November, thoughts of Veterans Day and Thanksgiving can’t be far behind. But those two great American holidays aren’t the only special occasions this month has to offer-not by a long shot. In fact, you can find something, or several somethings, to celebrate literally every day, from All Saints Day and National Cinnamon Day on November 1st to Cyber Monday and National Mason Jar Day on November 30th.

While it took the federal government until 1885 to enact its first five holidays-New Year’s Day, Washington’s Birthday, Independence Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas-and almost 100 more years to recognize Decoration (now Memorial) Day, Labor Day, Armistice (now Veterans) Day, Columbus Day and Martin Luther King Day, new unofficial holidays have been added by the dozens in recent years.

Interest groups, business organizations and inventive individuals have all contributed to the explosion of special days. The National Day Calendar seems to be one of the prime movers in winnowing these efforts and bringing to them to light. The organization estimates it’s introduced at least 150 observances in recent years and includes a submission form on its website for organizations and companies to propose more. It has said it approves about 25 of the 20,000 submissions it receives each year.

It therefore should come as no surprise than November is rife with more than 100 occasions to celebrate. You can, for example, find a different food item to esteem on a daily basis, ranging from deviled eggs (2nd), nachos (6th), scrapple (9th) and pickles (14th) to spicy hermit cookies , peanut butter fudge (20th) and cranberry relish (22nd). And if this is making you hungry, be sure to take advantage of National Men Make Dinner Day on November 5th. November is also host to World Origami Day (11th), National Play Monopoly Day (19th) and Go for a Ride Day (22nd) if you’re looking for something to do. Have a penchant for mathematics? You’ll be happy to know that Fibonacci Day is on the 23rd. Interested in ancient Egypt? King Tut Day (4th) marks the day in 1922 when archeologist Howard Carter found the entrance to the boy king’s tomb. Entertain fantasies of writing your memoirs or a surprise bestseller? November not only celebrates National Author’s Day (1st) and I Love to Write Day (15th) but is also officially National Novel Writing Month. Within the confines of just 30 days, there really is something for everyone, no matter their interests, preferences or mood. Where else can World Kindness Day (13th) coexist with Have a Bad Day Day (19th) or Universal Children’s Day and National Pay Back Your Parents Day occur simultaneously (on the 20th).

Along with Veterans Day and Thanksgiving, three fairly new observances are on nearly everyone’s radar in November: Black Friday (27th), Small Business Saturday (28th) and Cyber Monday (30th).

Originating in Philadelphia in the 1960s, Black Friday was named by police officers who had to work overtime to handle the shoppers and football fans that descended on the city the day after Thanksgiving. The day had been known as the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season since 1924, when the first Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade was held. Cyber Monday, an offshoot of Black Friday, was introduced in 2005 by the National Retail Federation after noticing a spike in online traffic the Monday after Thanksgiving. Small Business Saturday, the brainchild of American Express and the National Trust for Historic Preservation, followed in 2010 to encourage shoppers to take their holiday business to independent, locally owned establishments, such as those in historic downtown Geneva. Making it a point to observe Small Business Saturday is likely to be even more important as the COVID pandemic enters its tenth month.

Even closer to home, at GreenFields, is National Caregivers Month, which extends throughout November, and Caregiver Appreciation Day on November 13th. Because we offer a continuum of care, from independent living in comfortable apartment homes to assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing care, we can provide whatever level of assistance you need, whenever you require it. Add to that many opportunities we offer for enrichment, including a creative art studio, lifelong learning classes, fitness activities, outings and even a fishing pond, and you’ll find plenty of occasions to celebrate on a daily basis at GreenFields.

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