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Sing It Out!

It can be done in the shower (or the bath), while exercising or resting, in the sun or, as the iconic movie suggests, in the rain. There are few if any places that are wrong, and ability or the lack thereof is highly over-rated. Singing…better yet, belting it out, is not only easy and fun, but also has significant health benefits!

Research shows that singing can boost your immune system by elevating immunoglobulin A, the protein that functions as antibodies.

Singing can make you feel better. A natural anti-depressant, singing releases endorphins, which are feel-good chemicals. It also releases oxytocin, a hormone that
reduces anxiety and stress.

Like many things that are good for you, singing is a form of exercise. It helps to strengthen the diaphragm and stimulate circulation. In his book “When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing,” Daniel Pink wrote, “Exercise is one of the few activities in life that is indisputably good for us. Choral singing might be the new exercise.”

It’s interesting to note that individuals who sing improve their posture. This is because the correct technique includes proper body alignment with your head up, shoulders down, and back and neck in line with your spine.

There is even some thought that singing has physical therapy attributes and can improve swallowing for people with Parkinson’s disease. People with COPD who sing in a weekly class show improvement in respiratory function and reduced sensation of breathlessness.

Singing is also good for brain health and functionality.

By improving your circulation and oxygenated blood stream, singing helps more oxygen reach the brain, thus boosting mental alertness, concentration and memory.

Singing can help improve the quality of sleep. By strengthening the throat and palate muscles, snoring and sleep apnea can be improved.

One of the greatest benefits of singing, is its ability to promote social connectedness. Singing as part of a group widens one’s circle of friends and promotes togetherness. In fact, studies have suggested that singing in a chorus could be an affordable and effective way to help improve the well-being of seniors.

There are opportunities to sing in the greater Geneva area, including the Fox Valley Festival Chorus, Naperville Chorus and St. Charles Singers.

Within our own campus, GreenFields’ talented choir performs for holidays and special events including singing the Illinois State Song at the Bicentennial Celebration.

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