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Meal Delivery: An Old Treat Is New Again

Way back in 1889, the first pizza delivery was made.

Apparently, when Queen Margherita of Italy and her husband (and first cousin) Umberto arrived in Naples to settle some political unrest, the queen was tired of eating French-inspired “fancy” meals and requested that pizza be delivered to her quarters from a local chef.

She thought it was the best thing she’d ever tasted. In fact, Margherita pizza was named for the queen’s love of the dish that was considered suitable only for the lower classes.

Even more surprising than Queen Margherita’s Victorian-era pizza order is that food takeout began in ancient Rome with the creation of the thermopolium. Literally meaning “a place where something hot is sold,” a thermopolium consisted of big clay pots inserted into a counter of sorts.

Today, even before sheltering in place increased food deliveries dramatically, every gustatory hankering can be satisfied with but a click or a call. Long gone are the days when pizza, Chinese food, and milk were the primary at-door staples.

Ordering food in, whether to one’s hotel room or front door, has always had its special advantages. Now that dining out is temporarily verboten, it’s virtually a necessity, especially for the restaurants themselves.

For those who don’t have the time or desire to cook, or who don’t want the stress of dining out with young children, nothing could be more convenient than ordering your favorite dishes with all the trimmings online. With delivery, no one even needs to go anywhere to pick it up. What’s more, there are multiple food delivery apps that make the process that much easier.

Now that most restaurants (including the many establishments in historic downtown Geneva) are offering curbside and delivery services, in-home menu options are endless. Whatever diners could savor in their favorite restaurant is available at their front door.

Healthy Options
Along with variety comes fare that is much healthier than most pizzas or fast food. Cuisine from quality restaurants is prepared without haste using fresh, nutritious, often locally grown ingredients.

While many of us are looking forward to dining in our favorite restaurants again, there is a certain degree of comfort in dining at home – especially if we know it’s going to be delicious and we don’t have to cook! Some would say it’s even a touch luxurious to be served “chez moi.”

Easy Payment
Paying for food online is generally a clear-cut, no surprises process that also removes the potential discomfort of service-based tipping. (Now is a great time to be especially generous with gratuity!) Many food apps and online providers also offer special discounts and deals.

Residents of GreenFields of Geneva are currently enjoying delicious, nutritious fare from our exceptional dining program in their apartments. While they are eager to return to communal dining once again in our Savanna restaurant and Blackberry Bistro, as well as quaffing together on “Thirsty Thursdays,” we are happy to offer them the very best in “room service”!

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